1. Can Satyananda yoga help me to lose weight ?
Obesity is a physical as well as a mental/ emotional problem and we tackle both these aspects. Asanas and pranayams to raise energy levels, yoga nidra ( psychic sleep) to access the subconscious, stress management and phychological process work form the mainstays of our yoga therapy. Don't expect instant miracles - you know from experience that crash diets and exercise don't work - but if you're willing to invest some time and energy on a daily basis then positive and sustainable results will certainly follow.
2. Can I be a student if I am stiff and 'unbendy' ?
Everyone is stiff when they start yoga but you'll be surprised how soon flexibility follows regular practise. A lot depends upon your age of course, but irrespective of how old you are there will be benefits. Further, the advantage of a "personalised" yoga practise is that you will never be asked to perform practises that might cause discomfort or aggravate an existing problem.
3. Can I learn Yoga if I have arthritis/diabetes/heart problems/hypertension ?
There are specific yoga practises to bring the above problems under control and so this is not a problem. However, patients of diabetes and hypertension should have been stabilised with medication prior to commencing yoga therapy. Your blood sugar and blood pressure will be monitored on a daily basis during your stay to allow you and your teacher to get real time feedback on the effectiveness of the practises being taught. Again, a lot depends on how chronic or severe the problem is - the younger you are the greater are your chances of better recovery.
4. Do you have any practices that could help with insomnia/depression ?
Certainly but patients of acute anxiety neurosis or schizophrenia are tackled selectively. You need clearence from your GP or specialist that you are stabilised on medication prior to beginning therapy. Patients who display a high degree of introversion are not put through deep meditation therapy. The emphasis is on ennervating the nervous system, yogic cleansing practises and process work.
5. What is the minimum /maximum time I could spend with you at Shanti Darshan and what would I learn besides yoga ?
The " Programmes" section will help you to make an informed choice about the amount of time you need to spend at Shanti Darshan. If you opt for the Yoga Lifestyle course then the period of time and your course could be structured according to your need. Don't try to cram too much into your stay - you'll miss the forest for the trees !
Besides yoga and staying in an Indian home you could learn Indian cookery, traditional handicrafts and massage as well as gain an insight into our traditions, festivals and social systems. Visits to village homes will increase your awareness about rural India. If you have specific requirements (dance, music etc), teachers could be arranged.
6. Will I be able to teach yoga after studying with you ?
Only to a limited extent and that too if you are clear about your objectives from the start. The theoretical basis of yoga has to be well understood as well as the systems of body physiology which we follow. Our programmes are essentially individual based and are tailor made for you. If you wish to become a qualified yoga teacher we suggest that you attend a longer course (4 months or more) at the Bihar School of Yoga (www.yogavision.net). However our courses will certainly allow you to reach a high level of proficency with basic practises and theory and are recommended as preparatory exercises for the longer courses at Bihar School of Yoga.
7. Do I have to be a veggie to learn Yoga or to practise it ?
Not necessarily but it would be preferable to follow a vegetarian diet while attending any of our programmes. The food served to you at the Jungle Camps or Retreats and at Shanti Darshan will be nutritious, balanced and very tasty. We've only had compliments about the food so far!
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