Shanti Darshan Yoga courses :
1) Introduction to SatyanandaYoga
Meant for beginners who wish to get a taste of SatyanandaYoga.
Duration 3 days.
Course dates: 1 st and 3 rd weekend ( Friday to Sunday ) of each month.
2) Basic course in SatyanandaYoga
Meant for those with some experience of yoga who wish to personalize their practice and begin to integrate it into daily life. This is a course which deals with the basics of asanas, pranayamas, yogic cleansing, meditation and preliminary stress management.
Duration 5 to 14 days.
Course dates: Commencing 1 st and 15 th of each month.
3) Yoga Lifestyle course
All of the above but with focus on integrating the learnt practices into daily life. This is an experiential course which enables the participants to closely interact with the teachers in finalizing a personalized yoga schedule and lifestyle.
Duration 15 to 30 days.
Course dates: At the convenience of the participant.
4) Shanti Darshan Holiday
For those who only want to relax in a laid back environment with silence, good accommodation and excellent food with or without yoga inputs.
Jungle Yoga courses :
1) Jungle Yoga Camps:
Satyanandayoga taught in the forest. Duration 4 days.
2) Jungle Yoga Retreats:
For those wanting privacy, silence and advaced yoga. Duration 10 days.
Tentative dates for Camps and Retreats :

Month Camp Retreat
Oct 2008 6 to 9 13 to 22
Nov 2008 3 to 6 10 to 19
Dec 2008 1 to 4 8 to 17
Jan 2009 5 to 8 12 to 21
Feb 2009 2 to 5 16 to 25
Mar 2009 2 to 5 16 to 25
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